Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why oh why???

The countdown is now at 4 days!! I technically should be jumping for joy that I am finally out of this god forsaken country that I have been whinging about since about a month after I arrived!! But..........

Realised the other day that for the first time since being here I am actually really happy. Not only have I met some great people to hang out with in Bucheon and Seoul but I also am loving my job and have scored a really, really cool private with a TV station!!

The new girl came in yesterday and today to shadow me and all I could think was I don't wanna go!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh - WTF!!! I love the kids - they are so damn cute and they all almost started crying yesterday when they were told that I am leaving on Thursday!! Have put the feelers out though and said that I might be back in a few months (the new girl is now on a 3 month probabtion period!! lol) - it's like the coolest job in the world ever though - get to sing, dance and muck about all day with the kids which is soo much fun. (Maybe I could steal one and take them home with me!! lol)

Of course knowing me - I'll leave on Saturday, hit the beaches of Boracay and forget all about ever coming back to work in Korea!! But hey at the moment feeling a bit crap - hate packing too!! Definitely not going to miss this freezing cold weather though!! Mmmmm 31 degrees C here I come!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

On the final stretch!!

So I have less than 2 weeks before I quit Korea and head off into the great big, wide unknown again!!

Have spent 15 months in Korea now and have definitely had enough - well that's what I say now!! Life in Bucheon has been great though - like the place sooo much more than Ulsan. You don't get hassled by weird Korean men, you don't get your boobs grabbed by ajumma's on a daily basis, you don't get asked if your a russian whore all the time, you don't get asked by taxi drivers to have sex with them rather than pay the fair - all 2,000 won worth (US$2!!). General people in Bucheon are a hell of a lot more friendlier and helpful then any of the random Korean's I met in Ulsan!!

On the down side all my friends are in Ulsan - well those that haven't left already to head home or onto pastures new!! Bucheon has been - well boring!! lol - for a while I thought I was the only waygook here but discovered the foreigner bar the other day and about 100 waygooks drinking inside it!! Had a great night and made some friends who I have been hanging out with since!!

Still 2 weeks cannot come quick enough!! Think it has more to do with heading to Boracay again when I leave to dive for a week. Really looking forward to doing that. Hopefully my ears don't get fucked up again!! Have an overflowing supply of ear drops so fingers crossed!!

Heading to New Zealand after Boracay for Mum's 3rd wedding, my mate Amy's 1st Wedding in Sydney and Xmas with the family. Should be a good time but still a bit edgy about the whole thing. Not the best of times when around my family - usually many arguments, stress etc etc - so prefer to stay well clear!! lol - however, haven't spent Xmas with my grandparents for like 20 years so looking forward to that but will have to see how it goes!!

No idea what the plans are after that!! Have possibilities in Kuwait, Nigeria, New Zealand etc etc so will have to wait and see what takes my fancy!

To all those in Korea though - it was great meeting you and I will miss you all!! Stay in touch and no doubt we'll meet again somewhere in this not so small world!!