Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dinner watching the sunset in Hokitka

 originally uploaded by Fire Fairy.

I was on the West Coast with work last week and one night stayed at the Beachfront Hotel in Hokitka. The restaurant in the hotel had an amazing view from the balcony and I ate dinner whilst watching the sunset!! What better way to enjoy a meal!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Phoenix Foundation to release Christmas album

Following in the footsteps of Cliff Richard and The Darkness, The Phoenix Foundation are releasing a Christmas album, both digitally and physically, on the 7th of December titled MERRY KRISKMASS. The first single to be released is Everybody’s Money and although not Christmas themed is still a great tune that will have you swaying in your seats.

The lyric’s however, give an ironic twist to the upbeat tone of song. I asked Samuel Scott from The Phoenix Foundation what the story was behind the lyrics: It was written in London last year. The whole credit crunch thing was going down and I wanted to sing about that in a joyful fun tone. Not that I enjoy financial troubles, I just wanted to poke fun at what is ultimately a rather absurd situation. Specifically it was written in James Milne's (aka Lawrence Arabia) flat in Dalston. I wrote a few tunes about Dalston itself and for a while James and I were going to write a Christmas musical about the joys of North East London.

Why a release Christmas album? Why not! It almost coincidental that it's Christmas album. But Chris and Krisk (the two 'people' on the cover and the subject of some of the lyrics) are essentially Christmas ornaments. So it was a mix of timing ridiculous content and a desire to be like Cliff Richard.

What’s your favourite Christmas album and why? To be honest I have never met a Christmas album that I liked. Actually thats not entirely true, there was a Twinset Xmas thing featuring Dermania Loyd, that was pretty good. My family always play this Dean Martin Christmas album, it's horrible.

What are your plans for the Christmas holidays? Eat some Roast Krisk.

Any plans to come to play in Christchurch in the near future? I hope so. In fact I think we are coming down in February, I'm not sure of the details. Christchurch has become a really good destination for TPF, we always have a great time.

Everybody’s Money for some reason makes me think of a great night out on the town followed by the hangover from hell the next day, hugging the sofa, reminiscing about the night before with something easy to listen to on the stereo. And for me to be listening to anything at all the day after a big night out it has to be good. The lyrics are clever and I love the contrast between them and the tune. This is definitely one song to be added to my i-pod for my summer roadtrip and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.