Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tagged - 10 things about me!!

Once you have been tagged you must tell us 10 weird/odd/mundane/disconcerting facts about yourself. 
1. I have a huge phobia of snakes and have it because of my stepdad. 
2. I always wanted to be a war correspondant or a photo journalist.
3. One day I wanna do the gumball rally in an all girl team - AND WIN!!!!
4. I'm a hopeless romantic - like sweeping off feet and all that jazz - flowers, candlelit dinners, romantic walks etc etc - but clearly never show anyone that side!! lol 
5. My favourite thing to have for breakfast is marmalade and cheese on toast
6. I never make the first move with boys - you'll know I like you but I'll never be the first one to do anything!!
7. I wanna join the mile-high club!! hehe  (2 failed attempts so far!! Damn you air hostesses!!) 
8. My favourite flower is Jasmine - love drinking the tea too!!
9. I always thought I was the lost Russian princess Anastasia when I was younger - my great-grandma used to tell me the story and I thought it was me (OK so I was 4 and clearly couldn't work out the impossible time line!!)
10. Apparently I am psychic and a white witch!! Got told by a witch at a country fair in Cornwall once!!