Monday, August 20, 2007

Why I won't end up marrying a kiwi guy!!

Why I won’t end up marrying a kiwi guy:
  • They are all short (and I’m not that tall!!)
  • They have a totally warped and so not funny sense of humour
  • They do not understand sarcasm in the slightest!
  • They have completely annoying voices!!
  • They think they are shit hot when clearly they are not!
  • They think they are the world’s best lovers – and clearly don’t realize when you’re totally faking it!!
  • They have no concept of what romance is.
  • They are totally incapable of expressing their feelings or thoughts on anything let alone you!
  • They are completely immature and high maintenance!
  • They are cheating wankers – who either have wives, fiancées, girlfriends or 100 kids at home!!
  • They have no grasp of the English language – either appalling spellers or write in text speak all the time – or both!!
  • They try and come onto your best friend by email on an internet dating site and then act surprised when she tells me and is confronted about being a total shit!!

OK so in fairness there may be some guys who are none of the above - But I haven’t found them yet!! Every single guy that I have been out with since getting here has been one or several of the above!! Man I miss the Brits/Yanks/Canadians!!

So if anyone knows of or has any suggestions on places to find decent guys in Christchurch – answers on a postcard please!!! lol

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